Guidelines for All Staff


Once you have fully registered for Work, the next step is for us to check your references and complete any outstanding paperwork. Once we have done this then we will be able to offer you any suitable positions.



Once we have your paperwork completed, we will give you information regarding suitable jobs. This will include the job description, rates of pay, hours and start dates. It is at this stage you should tell us if the job is unsuitable or if you do not want to do this type of work. Please do not accept work if you have no intention of starting it.


Your Commitment

Once you have accepted work (either temporary or permanent) then you must start on the correct day.  If you are ill or unable to commence work then, you must call our office on; 0191 427 4535 or 0191 427 4532 before your shift begins. Only on emergencies contact our out of office number on 07880944942



You will be paid weekly; a week in arrears and this will go into your bank account no later than 5pm on Friday. If you change your address, telephone number or bank account then you must inform All-Temps as soon as possible. You will need to supply All-Temps with your P45 in order for us to process your tax correctly.



Once you have accepted a job, then it is your responsibility to call us if you are ill or sick. You must do this daily and before your shift or day commences. Telephone numbers are 0191 427 4535 or 0191 427 4532. Emergency number is 0788 0944 942.


Loyalty to Customers

If you are working for a company and it is proving to be unsuitable for you, you must inform the All-Temps office immediately and we will look for alternative work.  You will need to still complete your weekly shift as we do not want to let our customers down and we want to make the move for you as easily as possible.
As we have direct links to the Job Centre, Action for Employment and the Department of Working Pensions, It is important that you keep us informed at all times. If you are offered another job then we must have at least a few days notice.


Our Commitment to you

We will endeavour to find suitable work for you and try to resolve any queries you have within 3 working days. We will inform you of any shift changes immediately and if your temporary assignment is coming to an end, we will try to find you another position as soon as possible.

As a number of our previous staff have found out, a lot of temporary work becomes permanent work and that is our long -term aim for you.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Branch Manager direct


Anita Havercroft on 0191 427 4535.